PRISM Placenta Training provides practical training and ongoing support and mentoring for placenta remedy service providers in the UK and beyond. PRISM was founded by Carly Lewis and Nikki Mather, developed during 2018 and launched on 1st October 2018.

Carly and Nikki have a combined twenty years’ experience in the birth world and come together in partnership equipped with essential skills from previous employment including teaching, mentoring alongside the writing and delivery of training. Nikki works with new families providing support during pregnancy and parenting as a Doula and Infant Feeding Specialist in Cheshire, whilst Carly trained initially as a doula and then continued on a full time basis as a Placenta Remedies Provider in Surrey.

PRISM Placenta Training and Mentoring aims to provide dimension to the current landscape of the placenta remedy industry, one which provides consistency and professionalism, alongside health and safety for all.

Having worked in the birth world as doulas and with placenta remedies over the years, they found that they were not alone when they noticed a gap in the market for a new platform with updated training and mentoring provision, to become a UK based training provider alongside other worldwide training courses on offer.
As the evidence and research about placentaphagy and the processes placenta remedies providers use have moved on in recent years and continues to do so, ensuring safety for providers and parents who choose to consume their placenta after birth with a new offering with up to date processes and relevant information for UK food standards requirements.

After weeks of meetings and thought-processing, ideas thrown around and some intense reading and discussion sessions, they found that there was no pathway to revise or update previous training other than to develop on the knowledge and evidence that exists and provide something new and exciting for new business to invest in. With the necessity for continual updates as the landscape, evidence and processes change and the importance of continual development being imperative to the safety and provision of placenta remedies to parents, PR|SM was launched.

Continual professional development is a must in the ‘birth world’. The terrain is forever changing, policies are being updated and mothers are becoming more and more informed of their rights in childbirth. We believe that the foundations of any training provision needs to be rock solid to ensure businesses have the skills, knowledge and up to date information to hand when providing our services to new parents.

PR|SM offers something new.

PRISM Placenta Training offers the necessary practical skills to become a placenta remedies service provider and teams it with a full house of support and mentoring, loaded with regular updates and CPD for placenta remedies service providers.

At PR|SM we not only offer training in how to safely make placenta remedies but we will also support you in your business with helpful tips and marketing pointers to get you on the right track. 

All of our trainees are not required to have birth world experience but will take a short prerequisite course to ensure that full knowledge of the etiquette surrounding pregnant women and new families is provided so their offering to parents is the very best service from start to finish.

Our regular blogs  and PR|SM’s offering of CPD and mandatory modules will ensure that as a trainee you are up to date with new procedures, current guidelines and industry standards as new research and processes are developed within the world of placenta encapsulation.