Placenta Remedies are Food Product – FSA Statement 2020

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On a cold December day in 2020, after an exciting training day for one of our last PRISM trainees for 2020, we heard some long awaited news from Placenta Remedies Network. The FSA (Food Standards Agency) has reached a decision which has been much needed in relation to the dossier of evidence handed to them in 2014 regarding consumption of human placenta and placenta products. From the FSA;

Placenta is considered as a ‘food’ in line with the definition as provided in Article 2 Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002

1.            Placenta is not considered to be a ‘Product of Animal Origin’. This takes account of current legal definitions, other aspects of food law and our position in relation to products of similar origin such as human breast milk.

2.            Having thoroughly reviewed the required conditions for Novel Food Status, the FSA does not consider raw placenta or placenta products to be ‘Novel Foods’. Although evidence of significant History of Consumption before 15 May 1997 may not specifically be available, it is likely that unquantifiable personal consumption of placenta has been occurring in the EU for many years. We do not believe that any of the ten categories as detailed in Article 3(2)(a) of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, relate to raw placenta or placenta products.

3.            As placenta is considered a food, placenta processing businesses are food business operators (FBOs) and should be considered for registration.

4.            As an FBO, a placenta processing businesses is required to ensure that they produce safe and hygienic foods, and to be able to demonstrate the safety and hygiene of their processes and products, to the satisfaction of their competent authority through the application of a Food Safety Management System based on the HACCP principles.

5.            Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) – this type of FBO should be included unless the Competent Authority determines that they fall into an exemption.

Mandatory Food Business Practices for Placenta Remedies

This new statement from the Food Standards Agency is exciting news for Placenta Remedies Providers who already work to strict guidance and HACCP principles and for those who aspire to build their own food business providing Placenta Remedies to new parents in the future.

This is also positive news for those businesses wrongly suspended from practicing by their Local Authority who will now being able to challenge decisions with the full backing of the FSA decision.

When operating as a food business, it is a mandatory requirement to register with your local Authority.

As with any Registered Food Business, having robust safety practices which align with food safety and hygiene is paramount and it is a mandatory requirement to be registered. Trained Placenta Remedies Providers are able to evidence this with their Food Safety Management System based on HACCP principles to their Local Authority upon registration as a food business.

Having mandatory guidance in place for Placenta Remedies as a food business means that strict criteria must be met for placenta remedies to be processed and provided to new parents across the country. This is something we base our training on and cover in depth with business owners to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Training for old and new businesses

Here at PRISM we have packages available for you to start your business with support and mentoring right the way through from the beginning including support whilst your register with your local council.

You can also upgrade your knowledge, Food Safety Management practices or opt into mentoring as an existing placenta remedies service around the world. Contact us for more information.

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